Styling & Visual Merchandising

My expertise, network of suppliers and creativity at your service

Your company, your brand speaks about you. Personalize your spaces, excite those who live in them. Shine.
Each project I create is unique and different from the previous one, tailored on your needs and your values. Knowing deeply the business world is a fundamental step that every good designer must take to get in tune with his/her client. It is about understanding the roots to be able to help the whole tree grow and therefore help the brand to expand. I will be here for you to help your brand and your company reaching the perfect communication of your values and your uniqueness.

L’allestimento a cui insieme daremo vita sarà la vostra storia che aspetta di essere
raccontata. Una storia in grado di lasciare un segno per cui sarà ricordata

Contact me if you need to transform an environment by giving an original impression, 
furnish a space for an event, set up a set for shooting, photo editorials or promotional videos. 
I will guide you in the realization of your project by dedicating passion and attention to every little thing.
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